September 15, 2006: If my fridge is Denmark then Shakespeare was definitely right!

I started my day by getting paged at half past four in the morning. Five hours of sleep. Oh boy, time for a long day. I got right on the computer and worked for about an hour before hopping into the shower and getting ready to face the day.

I managed to get into the office before six thirty when me “shift” started. I love early mornings on Friday because all of the real work happens in the evenings after hours so the early morning is extremely quiet. Nice and relaxing which I really needed after my long haul yesterday.

Today was just as crazy and busy as the last few days have been. What a week! I almost didn’t get to eat lunch but one of my coworkers grabbed me right at five till two when the cafeteria was going to close and we ran down and grabbed a bite.

I managed to run home around four in the afternoon and worked from home until it was time to go for dinner. A fourteen hour day today to follow my sixteen hour day yesterday. Boy am I tired. I still have plenty of unfinished work and need to work from home over the weekend but at least not days like this. Tomorrow will be really busy though because I need to sleep in so that I am somewhat functional and then we are going to Newark to check out that apartment then I have to work and try to keep Dominica on task with her homework.

For dinner we did our regular Friday night outing to the Omega Diner. Mac and cheese, yay! We came home and off to bed it was for us.

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