September 14, 2006

Not very often am I as glad for a work from home day as I am today. This week has been brutal and not having to go in to the office today is a big relief. And knowing that Oreo has been away all week and can now spend the day at home resting is nice too. And to top it off, it is a beautiful, rainy day so I can open the windows and the curtains and just enjoy it. We haven’t had a good rain in a long time and I miss it. I get so little natural light and I only really get to open up the curtains when it is raining both because heavy sunlight exhausts me and makes it hard to work at the computer but also because the rain keeps the children in the neighbourhood from standing at our windows looking into the apartment. But only a few more weeks of that, one way or another. We are moving on October 1st, thank goodness. I can’t really say that the apartment has been bad. It has been fine. But we are really glad to be going someplace more upscale and more convenient to our actual lives. This place served its purpose just fine but it is definitely time to be moving on from here. We are really glad that I got my contract extended for another year just now so that we are really confident about getting an apartment in an area that is convenient for getting in to and out of Warren. Otherwise we would just go to Nutley and hope for the best, I suppose.

Because she didn’t have Oreo, Dominica left for work a little later than usual and ended up hitting really bad traffic so her drive in to the office wasn’t very good. She did manage to stop at Dunkin Donuts on her way and get coffee and donuts for her coworkers (and herself, I would guess.) No donuts for me. Just a Slim Fast. Not that that helps.

The rain kept up into the afternoon and Oreo kept on sleeping just as long. He only moved all day to transition from sleeping in Dominica and my bed to his own bed in the living room so that he could sleep next to me as I worked. He didn’t even want to get taken out until afternoon! He has a lot of rest to catch up on apparently.

I just happened to stop by Voip-Supply today and discovered an awesome sale on wireless VoIP phones. It was really cool because I just happen to decide to go there today to check out the prices on a particular model and today just happened to be the second day of a two day sale on just that one model of phone! So, of course, I bought five of them.

Today was a very telephone oriented day for me. I was on the phone for by far the bulk of my day. That goodness that I have a solid VoIP connection to work from. I am so glad that I have that and that I have a nice phone with a speakerphone option. I was able to turn that on and walk arount the house while on some of the calls.

Oreo got up just long enough to stretch and to get a drink at two thirty in the afternoon but then returned right back to his bed. What a lazy boy.

Dominica got home around seven tonight and I was still working. What a long day. Today was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to make myself a meal all day. I just grabbed quick snacks from the kitchen to hold me until Min got home. She ordered take away from Tanjore and ran out and picked it up. It was twenty after eight when we finally sat down to eat. I had to eat sitting at my computer because I was still working.

Dominica watched The Game which is just an awesome movie. She had seen parts of it before but never the whole thing. She ended up liking it.

I worked right up until bed time. A sixteen hour work day. We crashed at just a little before eleven. I found out that I need to cover the early shift tomorrow so I have to be on the road just after five thirty in the morning. So much for a good night’s sleep.

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