September 17, 2006: Six Days Until Newark

Boy was I glad to get to sleep in this morning after having worked until after midnight last night. I needed the chance to catch up. This week has been overwhelming.

The day was mostly relaxing for us. I got up late, around nine, and Dominica got up about an hour after me. Oreo is still beat from his long week at doggie daycare too. We did some light packing this morning, very light, and I continued working on some projects for the office. Not too much today, trying to take it easy.

Dominica went over to the laundromat for the final time of having to do laundry outside of our own apartment. She is really looking forward to having a washer and dryer right in the apartment. We got spoiled in Geneseo.

I finished reading “Practices of an Agile Developer” today. I have been working through it all week. Normally it wouldn’t have taken very long to have read a book like that but I have barely had any downtime all week and it really shows in my reading schedule. Bit at least I managed to read something this week.

I put in a four hour day (half day) of work today. What a week. By six this evening I was too tired to do anything more with the office. I opened a bottle of reisling (we have three bottles of wine in the house and we don’t want to have to move them to the new apartment so they have to go by Friday night) and just relaxed. I did do some cleaning and continued doing some light packing. It seems like we can put off the packing but after today there is only five very busy work nights left before we move and Saturday morning will be busy because we have to pick up the truck (a twelve foot Penske) and get it loaded.

Dominica needed a break and watched Center Stage which we had picked up yesterday. It is a pretty good movie that Nate and I rented or something many years ago.

By seven I had been paged out again. No rest for me I guess.

I did some work on a new computer that I have been trying to put together for the school in Castile but, of course, there were all kinds of issues. It looks like the memory is bad that I received but that is always hard to tell on a new motherboard with a new processor. There are just too many variables that can cause memory to fail tests. So I am going to have to spend several hours this week diagnosing that problem so that I can determine exactly which piece of the puzzle is broken and needs to be sent back. Ugh. Definitely not what I needed to be dealing with this week. I all ready have two sticks of memory from Andy that have to be returned and a router that died.

Dominica and I watched half or a little more of Out to Sea witch Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau. Not one of their classics but a decent movie because they were such good actors. Then it was off to bed before ten. We have a very busy week ahead of us and we are going to need our rest.

As we were going to bed Dominica discovered TWO centipedes in our bedroom. One small one on the wall which she killed and as she was killing it she discovered a large one on the ceiling directly over our bed. That one I had to kill. Let me tell you, we are very, very excited about being able to get out of this place!

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