September 18, 2006: Five Days and we are out of here!

I woke up on my own at half past three this morning. A few minutes after I was awake Oreo decided that he wanted to get up and that he wanted me to take him for a walk. Not a long walk but enough of one. Nothing like a brisk walk in the middle of the night air and dewy grass to take one from soft of a awake to significantly awake. We came back in and I lay down for about fifteen minutes but decided that there was no point trying to go back to sleep so I just got up. I checked in with the office but there was nothing going on. I am pretty sure that today is a British bank holiday which means that there will be just about nothing going on at all until nine or so. Not the best day to be up ultra-early. Oh well.

Jedi Squirrels. Not really sure what more has to be said than that. Thanks to Danielle for the link.

It is so nice to know that every day that we have here in North Brunswick is our last. As in, yesterday was our last Sunday. Today is our last Monday. We have covered our last Saturday as well. We are moving on Saturday morning and will be sleeping in Newark on Saturday night. We expect that we will have to return to North Brunswick on Sunday to do the cleaning and get the place ready to hand over but that isn’t so bad although we are going to really not want to leave Newark once we are there. You never want to leave the new place once you are into it. It is so exciting just to take the opportunity to get to know the place.

We don’t know how long we are going to be without Internet access once we move. That will be a problem. They said that the process is really fast because it is the best address in the city and because they are so large they have a dedicated rep from Cablevision so hookups are very fast. And, in a pinch, I have my Motorola Q so I will still be on email and I have my BlackBerry and I am sure that there is a cafe somewhere with Internet access where I can go to work. The apartment building might even have Internet access in the common areas. I am not sure. But don’t be surprised if we have pretty limited access for a little while. The fact that we can get Cablevision in Newark is another big selling point of that particular building. We are so happy with Cablevision out here I am quite happy to be able to stick with them.

Our house in Geneseo had an open house yesterday. We haven’t heard anything yet from it but we are very hopeful. It is the first time that the house has really been shown so it will be a good opportunity to generate some interest in it.

At half six this morning I discovered another centipede in the hallway while Dominica has the light on from doing her hair. I killed that one and then, while peering around because I had found that one, discovered another one hiding on the ceiling in our bedroom. I managed to get that one as well. That is two just as we went to bed and two just as we got up. My worst fear is that, because there are so many and because so many are so small as they are breeding here now, that we will be carrying them into the new apartment with us in our stuff. It seems like must almost be unavoidable. How awful will that be? At least there won’t be any standing water there for them to keep themselves hydrated with. Maybe that is all that it will take to end the infestation.

I made it into work before eight. Not too shabby. Of course today, of all days, I managed to forget my wallet! What a pain. I needed to get an oil change during lunch and needed to do some banking too. Of course, here is a question, how do you get cashiers checks or money orders issued in amounts larger than you can get cash via an ATM? I’m not sure what to do when you don’t have a local bank or access to a local bank. Now there is a conundrom. There is always something, isn’t there?

This morning was very busy. I spent a few hours on the phone. I also found out this morning that one of the guys that I work with all of the time was hit by a car on his way home last night. He is okay and at work this morning, but what a night that must have been for him. City life can be dangerous.

I did manage to plough through the stack of magazines that I have been sitting on for the last few weeks. I brought a bunch to the office with me and read them while sitting on very long phone calls. Good use of my time.

No wallet today means no lunch but I wasn’t planning on gettnig lunch today anyway. I might have to run to Rochester to deal with getting cashier’s checks for the apartment in Newark. That will be a terrible pain but at very least it would give us an opportunity to move a large load of things from North Brunswick to Geneseo which will be really beneficial because then we won’t have to move all of that stuff on Saturday (assuming that we get approved and we are able to get the money organized – what a pain moving can be!)

It is going to take a few days for the background checks to come through for the apartment so we won’t be officially approved until tomorrow or maybe Wednesday. We are cutting things really close this week. Everything is overlapping. I can’t wait until we have gotten moved in. What a relief that will be.

My goal today is to leave work early. For one thing, I am really tired and for another I forgot my wallet so no food for me today. I suppose that that is the easiest way to work on my diet and on cutting food purchasing costs. Food at work isn’t exaclty cheap nor is it exceptionally healthy. It isn’t bad. Often I get an egg salad sandwich on wheat but that isn’t quite health food.

I thought that I was going to get to leave work on the early side but instead I got stuck until six putting in overtime again today even before going home to work. I got home and Dominica and I decided that since we were both home at a reasonable time and with the week’s schedule being busy and unknown that we should take the opportunity to get dinner at Tanjore. It will be our last time before we have to make a special trip just to eat there. That is very sad. We talked to the nephew of the owner who is running the show while his uncle is visiting in India. He said how happy they were that we could be there for the past five months and what great customers we were and how they would love it if we came to visit. It was really nice. A lot like leaving the Omega in Geneseo. We really end up being a lot like family wherever we eat regularly.

Tony West emailed me tonight. His car was broken into today and he had to spend his afternoon at the Geneseo police station. I don’t know any details and he hasn’t had a chance to get back to me yet but apparently his car must be more or less okay.

I had to do more work tonight once we were back from dinner. We were only home for about twenty minutes before work called and I was back on the project. Not a lot of work tonight, just a little, but when you get so little time at home every little bit is really noticeable.

Dominica did get a chance to look at the responses from her professor from her online Java class and apparently the business focus of the class was a mistake in posting and was actually the material from another class and this class actually is going to be technical and meaningful so she is greatly relieved and was able to actually start working on her Java homework for the week tonight. Thank goodness that it turned out to be okay. After the networking class that she took we were really concerned that the school was totally shirking its responsibilities and just trying to make a quick buck. This is very good because this means that she is able to complete all of her classes online and won’t need to resort to taking classes up in New York. She only has this and one more “technical” class and the rest are all business and business/technology classes where having a lot of business involved is appropriate. But she couldn’t afford to have any more of her technical classes leave her without her foundations of her degree.

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