October 11, 2006: An Early Day

My alarm was scheduled to go off at ten till five this morning but I ended up getting pages at half past four so my day started much earlier than I had anticipated. But at least that means that I get to wrap up the day earlier than I would get to otherwise and often that is better than working in the middle of the day.

Today is my first day attempting to work my way through the mountiain of magazines that were shipped down in the car from dad’s house. We had a huge box of them although most of them are just garbage. I can’t believe how willing advertisers are to pay for ads in magazines that no one anywhere has ever read. Someone is getting fooled pretty well there, I think.

I got half a day of work in before driving into the office. I ran over to Food for Life right as they opened and got myself a late breakfast to hold me through the day at the office. The cook knew less about the meny than I did today and made my sandwich incorrectly. Apparently he had been doing that all morning but I noticed. I guess we have found our new “Omega”!

I drove into the office for my half day. Boy was that nice. I got to leave and head for home by half past three. I got home and just relaxed for the evening. That did a lot to recharge me and get me ready to finish off the week.

While I was home early I took the opportunity to have the building maintenance crew work on the apartment. The door to our washer and dryer closet had fallen off and they came up and put that back on. The air conditioner had been broken last night but it turned out to be a building wide issue and they got that fixed before I asked about it. The smoke detector in the hallway was acting up and they replaced that as well. The only outstanding issue that we aren’t sure when it is going to be dealt with is the closet door in the main hallway that does not close properly. I am told that that issue has to wait for the contractors to have a significant number of doors and they will be dealing with all of them at once.

Dominica got home in the pouring rain and brought Oreo up to the apartment and then immediately she and I went out and drove over to East Newark to try out the fabled Tops Diner. Getting there wasn’t bad although the downpour made the driving tough as we couldn’t see the road at all. The decor of the place was impressive. Everything dark wood and red plush. The food was good and we will be going there again. They have a wide menu that will keep us interested for a while.

After dinner we came home and decided that we were sleepy. So we read and played video games in bed and then off to sleep for us. We have been going to bed earlier and earlier recently but overall I have been pretty tired and have needed it.

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