October 12, 2006

Here is one that I was late picking up on: Radio Shack fired four hundred employees via email a few months back. How ridiculous is that? I guess they wanted to send a clear message to any potential employees. Message sent and received.

Nothing worth mentioning from my day today. Everything was pretty mundain. I got home later than I had hoped. Originally I was going to meet someone from work for tapas over in the Ironbound but both he and I ended up getting busy towards the end of the day and had to reschedule for next week. So Dominica just ordered a pizza that arrived right as I got home.

After dinner I decided that I really wanted a milkshake. We walked over to Food for Life and got a milkshake to split and some very delicious squash pie.

The night was pretty quiet. Nothing exciting. What a boring update.

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