October 13, 2006: The Friday the 13th Snowstorm

Today is one of those days when it is a joyous thing to have moved away from Upstate New York: Dad called me on my way into the office this morning to let me know that he, like almost a quarter of a million other western New Yorkers, was without power and might not get it restored until next week. Last night instead of getting the expected four inches of snow the region had gotten as much as two feet of the fluffy stuff bringing the region to a standstill. It turns out that this is the third worst snow storm in Buffalo’s history and Detroit’s eariest ever recorded snowfall! And here in New Jersey? A brisk autumn day of about fifty degrees. And in Papua New Guinea? Seventy three in Port Moresby.

Dad was apparently one of the lucky ones and had his power restored later in the day. But he almost had a really long, cold, dark weekend.

Dominica got her first full paycheck from her new job today. It is awesome to be on dual incomes again. That will make a big different around here.

Today was very slow at the office. What a great week this has been. I have really needed this break. After this weekend I plan to really be re-energized.

I came home and picked up Dominica and we went right out to Tops Diner to get some dinner. The food was really not up to par at all with what we were hoping for. The service was good and the place was clean although really, really packed with people. It was so packed that it was quite uncomfortable. The food was bad enough that I am really not looking forward to returning to Top and expect that it will be a long time before we choose this over another venue. After the quality of the Omega Diner in North Brunswick I think that we will be looking for a different diner experience down here. And everyone wants to call Tops the “standard” for New Jersey diners I think that I will be a lot more apprehensive about eating at diners in New Jersey. Our not very good diner there cost us $50 for just the two of us. There are a lot of good places that we could have eaten for prices like that!

We came home and went to bed early. That seems to be becoming a theme around here. But we have just been so exhausted.

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