October 15, 2006: Sundays are for relaxing

Today actually turned out to be a day for relaxing. Yesterday wasn’t too bad but the shopping took its toll on me and working on that Sun Blade and getting nowhere didn’t make me feel any better.

I started the day walking over to Subway and getting Dominica and I breakfast sandwiches. Unfortunately they don’t open until ten so I had to wait around for a while and discovered that there was a parade/walk going on in downtown Newark and that all of the streets around us were going to be closed for hours so there would be no driving to or from our apartment! How obnoxious is that? They shut down the whole city for a group of people to walk around. They closed our parking garage since they were marching right on top of it and they shut down the city buses that service our area of the city so the only thing going anywhere was the subway!

I got breakfast and went back up to the apartment. Dominica had laundry started and humming along. We enjoyed our breakfast and then fell to just relaxing around the house. Min did a bit of cleaning today and the place is starting to come together. Her first real chore this morning was getting the towel rack for the bathroom put together. That took close to an hour but once it was together we were able to get it into the bathroom and now we have something functioning as our linen closet since we don’t have an actual linen closet. That is going to increase our space by a bit and it helps to make the bathroom look a little less sterile. The really high ceilings make the white walls a bit much for that room.

I had several servers that I attempted to work on today. I have three in the apartment on the docket. Two got completed today and will be shipped out as soon as possible. The third has a fan issue and I had to do some eBay shopping to get a replacement. Actually that will be a replacement for the replacement as the original was totally destroyed and this one that isn’t working now is the replacement for that one. So that will stall that for several week, I am sure. But I was happy to get two of them completely done and ready to go.

Dominica watched a good chuck of the sixth season of Gilmore Girls today. That is like her favourite show these days. She got in many hours of it today. She had to take a while off from it to pound on her Java homework. She had thought that she was going to get a reprive from he homework this weekend because the SUNY Learning Network’s servers were located in Buffalo and had been down but by tonight they were back online so she had homework that needed to be done and if she goes past tonight she will be stuck doing her homework during the busy week which is no fun. So that took an hour or two. But at least she managed to get it all taken care of.

I put in several hours of working on the asset tracking system. I wasn’t exactly ultra-productive but I think that I got some good work done and managed to relax a bit. Toward the end of the evening I got paged out and had to work a little and then I got asked to come in early and do the early shift tomorrow starting at half six in the morning.

We wanted to get to bed early but neither of us were tired and we ended up staying up until a bit after midnight. That is going to make getting up in the morning a pain.

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