October 16, 2006: Oh yeah, it’s Monday

There is no question that today is definitely a Monday. I woke up just fine. Actually I woke up on my own without an alarm at ten after five. Not too shabby. Less than five hours of sleep and I still felt just fine getting up. But when I tried to turn off my morning alarm apparently that didn’t work as it went off later and woke up Min.

I got downstairs to get my car that I had ordered last night and discovered that they had brought around Min’s car instead of mine. That would have been okay except she had things in her car that she needed and the totally blocked it in so I couldn’t just take it anyway. So I decided that it was probably better to just have them go ahead and get my car instead of trying to jostle cars around at the last minute while running up and down in the elevator trying to get everything that Min needed to her.

So instead of leaving Newark at six like I had planned I didn’t manage to leave until six thirty. That extra half an hour meant that instead of driving in during the really slow early morning traffic I was in the beginnings of rush hour. I drove like mad and managed to get to work before seven which was a little late but not bad. The car issue is getting bad though. It is very tough because I have to have the car brought around so early that I have to always leave it just sitting around or else I have to go down “on time” and just hope that the car is really there. It is pretty risky either way.

At daycare today one of the dogs, Bullwinkle – a chocolate lab, celebrated her first birthday today and all of the dogs had a birthday party. Oreo was one of the few dogs who wore his birthday hat almost all day. What a cutie he is. All of the dogs got little treat bags to take home that had a photo of the birthday girl on them.

When Dominica got home tonight we had to fill out paperwork because her car had a small accident in the parking garage. Her car was dropped off on Friday night and we didn’t use it until this morning so we don’t know exactly when it occured but when the car was brought around early this morning I didn’t notice the damage and I think that I would have from where the car was placed and which part of it was visible to me. It looks as though the car was backed into a pole inside of the garage. It turns out that this has happened several times all ready to other people’s cars in that garage. So the upside is that there won’t be any hassle with the parking garage company covering the repair. It is a decently serious “scratch” that left a damage area of almost six inches by six inches and slightly ruptured the bumper. It does not appear that the bumper compressed or that any metal was damaged – just plastic. So the repair should be too bad but it will mean that the car has to go into a shop for a while. What a pain. So we spent almost an hour dealing with that.

Dominica started studying her Head Rush Java book from O’Reilly. So far it looks like the new book is really going to help her figure out what is going on in her Java programming class. So far in her class they haven’t had them write a single actual program yet, not even a “Hello World”, so everyone in the class who has never programmed before is really learning everything so incredibly abstractly that it is not useful. This is the fifth week of the course so it is really pushing things that they haven’t written a stand along program yet. They have written some code but only totally abstract classes and stuff that are run through some other program. It really hides everything that is going on and makes learning extremely difficult.

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