October 17, 2006

Not a terribly exciting day today. I have to be up very early this morning, half four in fact, so that I could hop onto an early morning UK conference call. But I managed to get up on my own without an alarm. This whole week is looking like it is going to be really early for me.

I discovered a really cool classic Commodore computer web site today. Commodore 16 Online is a site dedicated to the later, less expensive Commodore computers especially the C=16 and the Plus/4 which were brought out after the Commodore 64 and 128 but were not nearly as well known. The thing that makes this site so cool is that they have a C=16 emulator called Minus/4 (instead of Plus/4) that runs in a Java applet and allows you to play many original C=16 and Plus/4 games right on the web site. What a great idea. There is a huge library of really great Commodore, Apple, TI, Atari and other early computer games out there and these old machines can easily be emulated in Java and being able to play them from a web page is a really cool way of accessing them. I am able to get to the site from work but Dominica can’t which is too bad because she would totally play these games from work all of the time.

Dominica and I decided that we are going to go see Spamalot this week. We have had so much going on that we have not had a chance to go do anything on Broadway in a few months and we don’t want to miss our chances to do that so we decided that we are just going regardless of the scheduling. So we bought tickets to see the show on Thursday evening. One of the best parts of being so local is that we can go to the “off night” shows with the less expensive tickets. If we are really fortunate then I will be able to work from home on Thursday which will make getting to the show a lot easier.

I got to head for home before half four today. That is the great part about going in early. A nice long evening at home. It was a heavy rain day. It just poured and poured all day. It was very dark. Min wanted some ice cream and made me run out to the Dollar Bazar (yes, we are aware that Bazar is not a word but that is its name) to get her ice cream. Apparently there is a Bazar publishing company in Norway, though.

Min got home and we just hung out at home for the evening. She watched more of The Gilmore Girls last night and then read a little in her Java book.

It is only the second day of doggie daycare but Oreo is totally exhausted. He is going to have a hard time making it through the whole week.

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