October 2, 2006: Where are my keys?

Today started off with a bit of a panic. Dominica went to work at a quarter to eight and at about half past eight I went down to the desk to pick up my car that had been ordered last night. I asked at the desk if the car had been brought around yet but they didn’t know. So I poked my head out and saw the car parked on the street but the desk didn’t have my keys or know anything about them. After the valet came back we realized that no one knew where my keys were. Uh oh.

The concierge, manager, valets and I spent about an hour searching for the keys. We checked in the car, we looked on the sidewalk, we looked around the valet stand. No sign of them anywhere. Eventually I went over to the Commerce Market and got some breakfast (egg and cheese on a hard roll) and went up to work out of the apartment. Around ten or eleven one of the other residents of the building called from work, in Yonkers, to let us know that he had found some keys in his car. Apparently the valet had dropped them there while shifting cars around this morning. So no transportation for me today.

Prior to the keys being located I had managed to catch dad in Geneseo and had him overnight the spares just in case. I was just about to call AAA when the keys were found. But obviously I wasn’t getting any keys yet today. So I was working from home today.

Big news today: AGDInteractive has finally, after three months, updated their site with more “it’s coming sooner or later” news on their remake of Quest for Glory II. But at least they updated the site. A lot of us watch it almost every day waiting for something to change. (This is a situation where they are TOTALLY missing the RSS feed boat

Dominica got home from work with Oreo. Oreo had a very good day in daycare. He was so excited to be back that he spent the morning barking at all of the dogs apparently telling them about his experiences moving to his new home this past week. It has been a very big week for a little Boston terrier and we figure that he didn’t think that he would ever see his puppy pals again. He was still very wound up when he got home.

I worked late putting in an hour of overtime before Min and I walked over to the Ironbound district to have dinner at the famous Mompou Tapas restaurant there. Everyone has raved about it so we didn’t want to miss it. The walk was very nice and we were really excited to get to explore the Ironbound which is really cool. It must be like stepping into a small town in Portugal.

The food and wine were excellent at Mompou and the atmosphere and service were excellent. Definitely our type of place. We tried three tapas, I had some Portugese red wine and Min got a Cuban mojito and we finished off the evening with a creme brulee sampler. It was awesome. The walk back to our apartment took only fifteen minutes (it took longer the other way because we were not positive where we were going and didn’t go direct) so getting into the heart of the Ironbound district is really fast and easy for us on foot. We will be spending a lot of time there. We saw several places during our walk that we really want to try out.

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