October 3, 2006: Boy my day starts early!

My mobile rang at half past six this morning. And so the day began. I am actually having a problem that I am working such long hours and needed at with such an unpredictable schedule that I am almost unable to ever travel from home to the office. Even getting a shower in can be a challenge. Because of the way the project that I am on is set up internationally there is almost always something going on and as long as something is happening someone might need me. On a fairly regular basis the teams are running from about three in the morning to almost midnight leaving only a three to four hour “safe gap” in which it is almost impossible for someone to need me. On weekends the gap gets larger because only the US works over the weekend.

I was busy enough that I didn’t get a chance to leave Newark until after noon. All this time at home and no Oreo. 🙁 I did manage to run over to Food for Life and got myself breakfast. I got “The Round” the big breakfast sandwich. Boy was that good. And filling. And very affordable.

I did some eBay shopping for video games today. eBay is really great for lovers of slightly older cartridge based video game consoles. The Nintendo carts last forever and are almost impossible to damage and get really cheap really quickly and since they are so popular there are just tons and tons of them available all of the time.

This is a busy week. Tonight’s plan is cleaning and preparing for Josh to come down. Josh will be down tomorrow and will be here for the rest of the week.

The nice thing about starting work really early is that you get to leave early. Once I hit ten hours I try to work from home. No reason to hang around at the office. Especially with the type of work that I do. I can work from home just as easily as from the office. So at half four I decided to head back out to Newark.

I got to Newark and discovered that traffic was totally crazy and out of control. It took be fifty minutes to crawl from route 78 to the apartment. Traffic was nuts in every which direction. Apparently there are dual playoff baseball games in New York tonight and the commute to get to the games happens at about the same time as rush hour and a lot of the city is under construction with the new stadium going in traffic patterns are quite bad.

Dominica got home just minutes after me and we were both hungry so we pretty much went right out to Food for Life to grab some dinner. Dinner was awesome as always. It was a nice evening to go out.

At home we decided to relax as much as we could, which wasn’t much. We played some DS Lite including a Mario Kart head to head tournament.

I was only in bed for a little while before the phone rang and I had to work until midnight. No rest for the weary.

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