October 20, 2006

It is a grey, drizzly Friday here in New Jersey. Oreo was still tired this morning but seemed happy to go to daycare. We can tell that he is getting thinner with all of the exercise that he gets all day long now. This daycare is really good for him and for us. We get to spend so much more time just hanging out with him now. He almost never wants us to “play” and just wants to be with us. Fortunately he is a very snuggly dog so we don’t loose quality time with him just because he doesn’t want us throwing his toys all of the time.

It was a slow day at the office today. That was awesome. Having a nice slow day leading into the weekend is great. I was able to relax a bit before heading home and didn’t have to get all worked up just before the weekend. I didn’t even have any late deployments this evening so I didn’t have to stay late like I almost always do on Fridays. So by half past five I was on my way back to Newark to start my weekend.

I got home just a few minutes after Dominica and Oreo did. Her car was still sitting outside in the valet’s line of cars to take back to the garage. We decided that we both wanted some wine so we went for a walk down to the, apparently, local liquor store to pick up some wine. It turned out to be close to a mile away to the liquor store. Much farther than we had intended on walking. At least it made for some good exercise. But boy was that a lot of unexpected walking. It took quite a bit of time especially as we spent the whole looking carefully to make sure that we weren’t missing the place.

We got back and went for dinner at Food for Life which also ended up taking forever. So it was quite late by the time we actually got home from just running to the local liquor store and stopping across the street for sandwiches. It was almost nine in the evening. A package of video games that dad had shipped out earlier this week arrived today so we decided to just go to bed and play some video games. Oreo was exhausted and we were both pretty tired anyway. So it was a very short evening for us.

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