October 23, 2006

Back to the grind. Today is a cool, autumn day down here in New Jersey. Not as cold and as damp as it has been the last several days. Oreo was up early this morning and visibly quite excited about getting to go to daycare. He is really starting to look forward to his week of playing with his doggie friends. He was running around the house doing his excited jumping at us thing. He was very happy when Min put his collar on and his sweater and took him out to get in the car.

We did some bill paying this morning. I hate paying bills. A few of our big bills are ones that we are not able to automate and pay online which is a big pain.

Dominica and Oreo spent a long morning sitting in traffic today. There was an accident out on NJ 21 and she sat in front of the State Fair store on 21 for over an hour only having moved a couple of feet. It was really bad. She didn’t get to work until very late.

My drive is was fine and today was a nice day at work. Stuff to do but not a lot of panic and pressure. I like a variety and I appreciate the crazy days when you just can’t get enough done but I like them balanced against normal and slow days too. I seem to get a mix so I am pretty happy.

Dad is having the barn reroofed today. (I am not actually sure that reroofed is a word.) The roof has needed to be replaced for quite some time.

Firefox fans take note that Firefox 2.0 has officially released. The server is busy but you can get it if you are persistant. It is cool that the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft even sent a cake over to the Firefox team for the release party.

Dominica had to spend the evening working on her Java homework. She has a lot of homework this week and we are planning on being gone over the weekend so her week is jam packed with Java.

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