October 24, 2006: Not Much News Today

Not much news today, at least not that we can report yet. Work went by pretty quickly. I have been playing with the new Firefox 2.0 and it is pretty nice. I don’t notice the update very much but it is cleaner and nicer. It will take some time before I discover the real differences. It is Thunderbird’s 2.0 release that I really look forward to. I am much more demanding of my email reader than I am of my web browser.

We had some packages arrive today. I got a stack of Compaq DL360 blowers today. Not a very exciting thing to receive in the post unless you have a server with a dead blower and you need to replace it. Dominica got a pair of boots but discovered that they don’t fit so she isn’t able to wear them and has to send them back. She was really looking forward to those boots too.

Dad said that our new digital camera arrived today and he will be sending it along in a few days when some eBay games that I won recently also arrive. I can’t believe how quickly we got the new camera. We only ordered it on Friday.

We ordered in some subs and watched That 70’s Show while we ate. After watching a few episodes it was time for Dominica to return to her Java homework. She did that for a while and then went to bed to do some reading in the Java book that we got recently. I played some Lunar Legend before falling asleep.

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