October 26, 2006

My sinus problem, whether it is allergy related or not I have no idea, is back in force today and I had to get out of bed at four in the morning because I couldn’t breath anymore. So I was up and around the house for several hours this morning before going to work. I showered before Dominica got up today which is pretty rare for us. We went to bed really late last and I only got four hours of sleep.

In all my spare time this morning I managed to do some eBay bidding. I won two items this morning. One is The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the Game Boy Advance. I am not a Zelda fan but this game is supposed to be very good and it is the only one of the Zelda series that was created for the GBA platform. So I am interested to try it out. And cheap, used games from eBay are not a big investment. Especially when both Dominica and I play them.

I also won a second processor for one of my servers. Normally not very exciting but this particular server just happens to be the same server that will be hosting SGL once we move the site down to Scranton in a few weeks. I am expecting that the new site will be significantly faster to load for those of you using fast broadband connections.

I did some bill paying today. Oh the job. Actually this month’s bills aren’t so bad compared to normal. It isn’t too bad paying bills as long as you are able to pay them. This month is actually quite exciting as we are anticipating paying off Dominica’s Mazda PR5 loan. We are pretty sure that we are down to the final payment in about four weeks. We don’t officially owe on the car until next year but we want to have it paid off and out of the way. We are focusing on one bill at a time to eliminate as we find the process of actually paying the bills to be such a hassle that reducing the total number really does make our lives a lot easier.

Dominica sent me this picture a few months ago but I just love it and kept forgetting to put in on the site so I am doing it now. It is awesome. This guy tries to do a shot of one of those flaming drinks and spills it down his neck and sets himself on fire and then panics and spits out the alcohol that he had in his mouth which, of course, was also on fire. You have to be awfully cool to be able to handle drinking a drink that is on fire! Man sets face on fire while doing a flaming shot

I was pretty tired all day today having gotten up so early. I left work a little on the early side, around half five, and actually managed to get home before Oreo and Dominica.

We had a very quiet evening at home. We watched a little That ’70s Show and Dominica worked on her Java homework. Tonight was her last night to do her homework since we are heading to Maryland tomorrow right after work.

I got contacted tonight and need to go into the office for the very early shift tomorrow. That is going to be awful. Tomorrow was going to be my work from home day. So now I have to be up at five in the morning! So I am calling it a night and heading to bed.

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