October 27, 2006

The plan was that today was going to be my work from home day but I got “called in” to the office this morning and worked in the office from half six until ten. At least it got me up and out of bed and moving. The office was super quiet as it always is that early in the morning. But I did end up with a fair amount of work to do during the time that I was there. So the time passed very quickly.

I got home and set up shop and prepared to start working from home. I took care of a few items left over from my commute time and then I took Oreo out for his walk in the park. Dominica took him out earlier but it was quite cold then and he couldn’t stay out for very long. We took a longer walk and he had a grand time.

I went over to Food for Life for lunch. I had wanted to go there for breakfast but the number of things that I needed to do before I could leave to get lunch just kept piling up and breakfast was over by the time that I was able to go. Lunch was quick and then it was back to the apartment. I am always exhausted after having lunch and Oreo had gone in and gotten into Dominica and my bed and was very snuggly so I decided that a nap sounded like a good idea. It was very warm in the apartment even with the windows open for quite a while as Dominica had cranked the heat just before leaving so the place was like a sauna. But at least it doesn’t cost us anything since our heat is free (well, included at least.)

I am quite happy that I managed to get a couple new pics posted to the Flickr feed and I managed to edit and upload a new, eight minute vlog post. It was a busy day.

Today’s post is going to be short. Min and I are out of town tonight and for the rest of the weekend and I need to get things wrapped up and I know that I won’t have an opportunity to post later tonight so I am doing it now. It is currently about fifty minutes before Dominica leaves work to head for home and even in rush hour that should only take her about half an hour since Oreo is all ready here. Once she arrives we just have to pack the car with our weekend bag and we will be leaving for Arnold, Maryland where we will be spending the weekend relaxing on the Chesapeake Bay with the Nicklins. We will be coming home on Sunday evening.

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