October 5, 2006: Josh in Newark but Scott too busy

I am pretty sure that this is the farthest behind that SGL has fallen in at least a year. I have not been able to update the site in six days as you will notice from the posting date on the dailies.

Today was a totally insane work day. I ended up putting in a really long day and not managing to make it home until around ten in the evening. That really sucked as we had been hoping to have been able to go to Mompou in the Ironbound tonight so that Josh could experience that Portuguese side of Newark. I was still up for going out after my really long day but both Josh and Dominica had to go to work in the morning so they just ordered Chinese and decided to stay in.

It was a short evening. I was only home for about an hour before going to bed and almost all of that time was spent eating dinner.

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