October 4, 2006: Josh comes to Newark

Today is Dominica and my 3rd anniversary!

After working until midnight last night I was called out of bed at six this morning and had to start my day quite a bit earlier than I had hoped.

Somewhere it had to exist. Check out the Lego gallows.

I was really tired all day today although I felt reasonably productive. I worked from home for a few hours this morning before making the drive in in between phone conferences. I have discovered a massive flaw in the design of Exchange and Outlook recently. I have never really used them before so their are relatively new to me. I have never been a fan of them as they are push based email systems and that encourages their use as real-time delivery IM replacements instead of acting as pull based traditional email. They are often faster but it makes people rely on them in ways that they shouldn’t. That and they crash constantly. I have never used any application so unstable. Anyway, the problem that I discovered is that the calendaring system is not centrally managed and only appears to be. The calendar is actually managed, as far as I can tell, by Outlook and not by Exchange and Exchange just syncronizes copies of it or something. So I constantly have meetings scheduled on my calendar that were cancelled but the system doesn’t alert me because there actually isn’t a “calendar server” but instead just emails containing things to attach to your calendar. So if someone emails you an appointment and forgets to email you a cancellation it stays on your calendar with no way of coordinating with a central scheduling service that says that the event was cancelled. Pretty poor. It has major effects where I work where tons of people lose half an hour or more a day to Outlook ghost events. I schedule my whole day around those events and it really messes up my commuting. And then everyone spends a ton of time confirming everything on their calendars or just skipping stuff because thay can’t verify if it is real or not. Very, very poor. And this is the “big selling point” of Exchange!

Josh managed to get to the apartment in the middle of the afternoon. I didn’t get home until around six and, of course, work called just as I was getting home so I had to walk right in and work for half an hour instead of hanging out with Josh. Dominica and Oreo got home minutes after I got off of a conference call.

We were all pretty tired. We walked over to the Savoy which is really close to use and had dinner over there. The food was good but not spectacular. What we have heard is that the price is too high for the quality of the food and they are right. Everything was great. The atmosphere is really good and the service was great but none of it justified quite the price. But we had a good time.

Back at home we were so tired that we all went to bed pretty early. Josh and I used the NDSLs over the wireless to be able to race each other in Mario Kart from across the house. What a great feature that is.

Dad informed me that it was just announced that Rochester is now the second worst city in the entire country for job opportunities passing only New Orleans! Now that is rough. People never believe me when I say that there is no work at all in Rochester. But there really isn’t. I can’t believe how many people stay there through all of this. I also can’t believe how no one that we know is actually out of work and can still change jobs in the nation’s worst non-natural disaster economy. It really shows just how good the economy is here and how many jobs there are everywhere else!

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