November 11, 2006: Second Day at the Gym

The weekend is finally here. Dominica and I slept very well last night after our first day or working out in our new gym. Oreo slept well too sharing Dominica’s pillow. He thinks he is a small human.

Today is a hazy, raining day in Newark. Newark is neat because when there is hazy or rain or any type of atmospheric interference Manhattan simply fades away as it if was never there. And then, after a good rain on a bright day it is very clear and very close and hard to believe that it could ever have disappeared. It is a neat effect. One day you are all enclosed in a little bubble and the next you are in the middle of the enormous metro area.

I was up at eight this morning – one of the hazards of my line of work. I actually didn’t get off to bed until like one in the morning. I was busy playing Lunar Legend on my Nintendo DS Lite. It is an old Sega Genesis era game, I believe, that has had many lives and was eventually remade and repackaged for the Game Boy Advance and it is the GBA version that I am playing. It is a good game though with fun gameplay, entertaining storyline and nice graphics. I am having fun with it. I have put about four hours into it so far which all ready makes it a pretty decent bargain since I got it for only like ten dollars.

I was up for nearly four hours this morning before Dominica managed to pull herself out of bed and even then she only got up because the sunlight was streaming in on her face and she couldn’t take it anymore. While she was sleeping I managed to put together another episode of the SGL Podcast. W00t! That is the fifty-second episode so far.

We made it back to the gym today. Dominica worked out for half an hour and I put in just six minutes under a full hour. Not bad for our second day. That is two days in a row. A good sign if ever there was one. It is perfect that we managed to get started on a Friday night leading into a weekend when we are home all weekend so that we have plenty of time and opportunity to get into the work-out groove before Monday comes along. Monday will be tough getting the exercise to fit into our routine – especially with the club only being open for limited hours right away. One thing that is really awesome is that yesterday there were only three of us using the gym and today there was only Dominica and I and when she left I was alone the whole time that I was there. We remembered to take headphones with us today and we had a much better time and were able to enjoy the television. That is going to make exercising awesome.

We did some shopping tonight up at Target and Stop and Shop. Mostly we needed groceries and work out clothes. That killed several hours this evening. Then it was home for a light dinner and to watch Stargate which I haven’t seen in forever and forgot that it was actually a pretty good movie. I am glad that we watched it again. This is the Extended Edition but I am not sure what was added. But I probably haven’t seen the movie since it was in theatres.

Weight Lost Going To Gym: 0.0 lbs.

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