November 12, 2006

Dominica and I slept in a bit this morning – the result of two days of working out in the gym. We decided to start off the day with a work out to get ourselves going. We took Oreo out to the park and walked for about twenty minutes. It is a beautiful fall day. Warm and dark. It will definitely rain later on.

After Oreo’s walk we headed to the gym. Again we were the only people there the entire time that we were working out. It is nice having a totally private health club like that. Today Dominica put in forty-five minutes on the eliptical and I put in fifty-six minutes. Yesterday I burned, according to the machine, 612 calories and today I was up to 662 even though it was about the same amount of time. So I am pushing a little bit harder today. I felt good though. I am looking forward to this routine. Tomorrow is tough because I have to go to work and the club isn’t open in the morning, only at night. So I, along with everyone else in the building, has to use it after we get home from work.

After our workout Dominica and I walked over to Subway for a healthy lunch of veggie patty subs. On our way down we ran into someone heading to the health club so at least someone else is using it. After lunch we also ran over to the Dollar Bazar (yes bazar, not bazaar – I am sure that it was accidental but if you want to know what it means look it up in the Urban Dictionary.) I think having a store called Dollar Bazar tops even McDonald’s supposedly accidental “I’d hit it” campaign. Anyway we picked up some towels to use at the gym and a set of really cheap wine glasses because we didn’t have anything in the apartment and it has been getting to be a problem.

Dominica headed back to the apartment while I decided to take the very long walk down to the nearest liquor store (kudos to Newark for aparently bordering on being a dry city.) The walk was a mile or more in each direction and it started to rain before I arrived at the liquor store. I was very wet by the time that I returned to 1180. But at least I managed to get another bit of exercise.

Dominica is working on her Java class today. She is a bit behind and needs to do some catching up. The end of the year gets very busy with travel and events and it will get tougher and tougher as we near the end of her class.

I found a great Google video of a Comcast technician who fell asleep while on hold with Comcast at a guy’s house. The guy took a video of him sleeping and posted it online. Comcast is famous for having the lowest service levels on the east coast of any broadband provider that I have ever heard of and the highest prices to match. Comcast is so bad (and I am not talking about the infamously poor customer service but just the details about themselves that they announce) that it would make it difficult for me to move into an area that uses them. Now that I have used Cablevision’s Optimum for a while it is hard to ever leave them because the ROCK!

I found a cool video of a guy making a portrait of Abraham Lincoln out of pennies. Short but well worth the thirty-eight seconds to view. You also have to check out Panda Bear Sneezing.

Dominica spent the evening working on her Java homework. Susan got into town around eight and I drove out to Harrison with her to look at an apartment that she was interested in because I have a better idea of the safety level of the neighbourhoods around Newark. Then it was back to 1180 and just about bed time.

Weight Lost: 1.0 lbs

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