November 15, 2006: The Gym is Officially Open

Today is the first official day of our building’s health club being open. They have just been testing things out in the evenings for the last week but now the club is really open all day. It opens at six this morning so I got out of bed at twenty till six and got down there just as they opened. I was the first one in. This is my sixth consecutive day working out. It hasn’t proven to be very effective yet but I am very happy with myself for sticking with it. Dominica is hoping to be able to make it tonight. I only put in forty-five minutes this morning but boy is it nice getting up and getting a jump on the day. Working out first thing really helps make you feel productive. I prefer coming down in the morning rather than at night. Things are very slow, it looks like, in the morning too. I was alone for a while and never had more than two other people, I think, the whole time that I was there. The problem with exercising in the morning is that there is nothing whatsoever on television to watch while you exercise. I watched the BBC news which was insanely boring as all they did was talk about the pomp and show of the Queen opening parliament for the season. That’s fine but it’s just pomp. There is nothing too it. Way too much of the British news is just covering the facade laid over the government. It is really sad for the BBC, the world’s most respected news service, to put so much emphasis on things that matter so massively little. More importantly it is boring!

Speaking of news, Al-Jazeera started English language broadcast today but is apparently not very interested in getting a wide audience as they are charging for viewership over the Internet instead of making the service free. But it is a start. More serious English language news. The BBC has become complacent.

On my way to work this morning I walked over to Subway and got a breakfast sub – egg and cheese with honey mustard sauce. It is handy having so many things within a minutes walk of home. It is so warm out that there wasn’t even a bite in the air as I walked even without wearing a jacket. And it is the ides of November! New Jersey is awesome. Weatherwise at lease.

We had an SGL outage again this morning. Not sure how long we were out for but only a few hours it looks like. Dad was heading to Geneseo today and stopped by to take care of the outage. Not too much longer for this recurring issue, I promise.

I had to schedule an appointment for nine o’clock on Friday morning for the PR5 to get into the shop in Dunellen, NJ. The stupid headlights are out again. This happens every several months. This time the right light is totally gone and the left one comes in and out. What a pain. I can’t believe how often I have to deal with this. At least it is a minor problem.

The plan tonight is to head to the Ironbound for some awesome Portuguese at Mompou with a friend from the office. We have been trying to get together for some food for weeks but haven’t been able to as we are both so busy but things are finally starting to slow down some so we are hoping that tonight will actually work.

I discovered a new Internet television service today: Lulu TV. They are more like a YouTube or Google Video service but it looks like they might have some interesting stuff. Yahoo Video might be interesting as well but I can’t watch Yahoo Video most places so I haven’t had much of a chance to check it out yet.

This is a good Internet discovery day. I found RSS News: All Puppet New All the Time. Which has sadly only done three episodes so far. But I hope for more soon.

Work was slow and I was able to hit the road by half past five. I should be just in time for dinner.

Weight Lost: -3.5lbs 🙁

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