November 14, 2006

Today on Opentopia I discovered a web cam coming from NJIT in Newark, NJ. Not the most exciting web cam in the world but it is the closest one to us in Newark. Just a few blocks away.

For more web cam fun check out the carpet cam in Syracuse. I really need to get a cam set up in Newark. That would be cool.

I made reservations for Dominica, Oreo and I at the Hotel Utica today for Thanksgiving. We are excited as we have been wanting to check out the Hotel Utica for a long time now. The Hotel Utica is a landmark in Utica and is right in the heart of town. Built in 1912 just five weeks before the Titanic first (and last) sailed the structure is an important part of downtown Utica. Dominica grew up there and has never been to the hotel so this should be really neat for her.

Today was extremely typical of a moderately slow day at the office. Nothing to report. This afternoon was exceptionally quiet so I took off on the early side and got home a bit before Dominica did.

I got home and Dominica and I went right out to Subway for dinner. We ate and then came back and I did just a little more work from home and then it was time for our evening workout. We went down at eight so that Dominica could work out while watching The Gilmore Girls which I also got stuck watching because there is nothing at all on. Cablevision is sure doing a bad job of trying to sell us cable. Not once have I gone down and found anything on television at all. If this is what cable subscribers have to choose from I am definitely not missing anything. I can’t believe how television has declined! Internet Television must be taking a pretty significant toll on the networks if they can’t turn out anything interesting anymore.

Today is the last day of the gym only being open in the evenings. Tomorrow begins the regular schedule of being open from six in the morning until midnight (at least that is the latest story – nothing at 1180 is an actual “plan”.) Dominica put in a full hour tonight! I only managed to do forty-five minutes but at least we are keeping up with it. This was our fifth day in a row working out.

So we went to bed on the early side and just played some Nintendo DS from bed. I am going to be up quite early tomorrow so I want to get some sleep.

Weight Lost: -5.5lbs 🙁

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