November 20, 2006: Tofurkey Week Begins

Today begins my first real holiday week at a regular job. I am only in the office for three days this week. But there is plenty of driving (and all in the BMW which makes my leg hurt) to make up for it this week. We will be putting only nearly a thousand miles between Thursday and Sunday.

This morning I had to do some work from Newark before I could drive into the office. On my way I had to stop back at the dealership. Last night both headlights on the PR5 went out AGAIN so I had to take the car in for its headlights for the third time since Friday! I ended up spending over two hours getting the car fixed today. I was in a hurry after that so I hit Taco Bell and grabbed a very quick lunch and rushed into the office.

Dad and I were talking today about the old Coleco Vision that my parents got for me for Christmas in 1982. It was the same year that dad got our first VCR. Also for that Christmas I got Legos like I always did as well as the Star Wars miniatures TIE and X-Wing fighters that had a button on the back that when you pressed it would cause the spaceships to “go limp” and fall apart and then would come back together simply by releasing the button.

I found an awesome video on YouTube of “How to Beat Video Games” featuring the ColecoVision classic Cosmic Avenger which was probably my favourite childhood video game. Many an hour I spent playing that game and some serious scores I did score in my day. Dad found the “How to Beat Video Games” video for Zaxxon as well. Isn’t the Internet fun?

I decided that I needed to have a Coleco Vision page on SGL dedicated to my old video game system so I took the time to create one today. You can see a complete list of the games that I had on the system and more. Good stuff. Boy does just thinking about that old Coleco Vision bring back the memories!

The day flew by today. I suspect much of this can be attributed to the fact that I was so busy and had so much that I needed to do today. I had plenty of phone calls that needed to be made but I got a lot of stuff taken care of that needed to be dealt with today. I had to deal with my Motorola Q which was stolen. I shut the service off last night and dealt with the errant accounts this afternoon. Tonight I need to file the police report and tomorrow I need to file the insurance claim. Boy the little things will really keep you busy, won’t they?

I remain, to this day, the only person that I have ever really known to have had the Coleco Vision. One kid that I rode the school bus with when I was very young said that he had one but we weren’t really friends and I never saw it. I don’t even remember his name now. Maybe it was Kevin. Kevin someone or other that lived near Linwood, NY and owned a Coleco Vision. Kevin (I hope that that is your name), if you are reading this, let me know.

I was in the office until after six this evening. I can safely stay late now, I hope, because my headlights are now working again! What a relief.

This week is expected to be extremely slow as there is just about nothing going on at the office. Someone remarked today that it feels like everyone is all ready on vacation. Lots of people are actually out on vacation too. This is a popular week to be taking off. Dominica and I are both working three days down here and then she has two full days off and I have one day off and one work from Utica day.

Oreo is going to stay home tomorrow. Dominica needs extra time to get her hair done after work and doesn’t have enough time to pick Oreo up. He also, we think, needs some extra time to just sleep and taking his middle day off this week will make this week an ideal sleep “catch up” time for him. He has been doing much better when left home alone since we have been in Newark so we are hoping that he will enjoy his day off.

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