November 21, 2006

Last night I got home a little on the late side but was really in the mood for a Wrap it Up at Food for Life (basically an extremely hearty California Fish Taco) so we ran right over there to get a quick dinner.

Our replacement hall table arrived today from Target (they must have overnighted it since Dominica only got her issues there resolved on Friday evening) and we took some time and got that assembled and placed in the hallway. What a difference that is going to make in the apartment! Now the huge hallway isn’t bare and we have a lot more storage space as well. That is something that we desperately needed.

While we were assembling the table we watched a few episodes of The Thin Blue Line with Rowan Atkinson and then called it a night and played a little bit on our Nintendo DSs from bed. Those really turned out to be a good investment. Who would have guessed?

Someone that I work with was telling me about the Samsung DVD-HD860 DVD player today. I did some research and I believe that this is the same unit that Andy has but his is made by Oppo who use a Samsung transport and I think that this is the underlying system that they use in that unit. The Oppo is better but we expect that you get most of the benefits out of the much less expensive Samsung. The big features of this unit are 720p upconversion, HDMI digital output and the ability to directly play Divx/MPEG-4 videos that are burned to CD or DVD. (For people like my father who have full 1080p displays, they will want the more expensive Samsung DVD-HD960 which does full upconversion to 1080p!)

While I was placing the order I also grabbed the original Christmas in Connecticut and a couple Christmas CDs including Bobby Darren and Sarah McLaughlin. It’s that time of year!

This morning was quite busy. I did some work from home and grabbed a quick breakfast at Food for Life before going into the office. Once there the work load for the whole week was dumped on us and I had to work like crazy after yesterday’s total lull. Funny how that happens so dramatically.

I did some looking on YouTube today in between things and managed to find more Coleco Vision videos from back in the day. This is some classic stuff. You can watch the “How to Beat Video Games” videos for games that I had including Smurfs: Rescue from Gargamel’s Castle and Donkey Kong. It is funny that all of the games that they show on this old video series are ones that I owned. Boy does that stuff bring back memories! It is strange to think how much of my childhood must have been spent playing those games. Be sure to watch the Donkey Kong video because they show the Coleco Vision itself a little bit. This one is choppy but you can watch one of the original Coleco Vision commercials.

Tr0d who posted the Coleco Videos on YouTube is also a Llama Song fan! I discovered a video tour of the final day of the Amiga factory in West Chester, Pennsylvania which might be the location where our Amiga 1000 was manufactured.

Oreo had only a half day at daycare today. He went into work with Dominica this morning and she brought him home during her lunch break. She has to run out and do some shopping after work tonight and is not going to be home until late so I am going home a little on the early side from the office so that I can be with Oreo as early as possible and we will hang out until Dominica gets home. Tomorrow night I have to do some shopping on my way home. So Oreo will only be at daycare for two and a half days this week.

I left the office around five and ran straight home to be with Oreo. He had been sleeping all afternoon and didn’t even seem to notice that he had been alone for several hours. I had plenty of work left to do so I signed on and got back to work. In between tasks I did some light cleaning around the apartment. It is amazing how quickly it becomes a mess again, especially when we have been getting things shipped in on a regular basis.

I grabbed a quick bite at Food for Life in between things that I needed to do for work.

Dad emailed me and let me know that The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap arrived for the Game Boy Advance. My collection of top GBA games is nearly complete! I did some hunting on eBay tonight and got a good price on Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GBA as well. I keep hunting for the bargains. Dominica and I have been playing our Nintendo DSs all of the time and are really getting a lot of value out of them.

We managed to get back to the gym tonight and to get some actual exercise in after taking two days off. Our bodies needed the rest. We aren’t use to this grueling exercise schedule.

I had picked up a Subway sub for Dominica before she got home and she ate that and we watched more of The Thing Blue Line before heading off to bed.

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