November 22, 2006: Tofurkey Day Approaches

Work is winding down in preparation for the long holiday weekend. I found out today that I have four days off in a row!

I was reading some history today and realized that my family bought the ColecoVision in December, 1982 just six months or so before the great Video Game Crash of 1983. It didn’t really occur to me at the time, obviously, but the crash really accounted for why we ended up being so unhappy with the system. We bought near the height of the early frenzy when everyone and their brother was getting into video games and then suddenly everyone was going bankrupt left and right and the whole market collapsed taking Coleco with it.

I managed to get a really good deal on Boktai for the GBA today. Boy am I ever the video game bargain hunter. Our collection of RPG and adventure games for the GBA and the Nintendo DS is getting to be more and more complete.

Work was uneventful – much as you would imagine on Thanksgiving Eve. Everyone is trying to get out of the office to get started on their long holiday weekend. By three in the afternoon the office was all but deserted and by the time I left around six I was practically alone.

I got home and discovered that the Samsung DVD player that I had just ordered two days ago from Amazon had all ready arrived (that would be the free, unexpedited delivery service) as well as Dominica’s new Creative Zen Vision M mp3 and video player. She was hoping that it would arrive before we left for the weekend so that is really cool that it made it just in time.

We spent the evening getting ready and packing. We need to be up pretty early in the morning and on the road so that we can make it for Thanksgiving festivities in Frankfort tomorrow.

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