November 3, 2006: It’s Friday, Yay!

In the eleventh hour leading up to the release of Windows Vista Microsoft has decided to back off on its draconian licensing terms in the Vista EULA and now users will be allowed to transfer the Vista license an unlimited number of times if they buy the full, non-OEM copy. This makes the licenses mostly comparable to Windows XP and makes it something that I can once again recommend. Kudos to Microsoft for getting a clue and listening to the bloggers responses to discovering the original EULA terms.

Some of you were aware that Dominica and I were looking at a possible move at work that would have allowed us to move to Northern Ireland. At one point it was an “all clear” and as far as we knew everything was happening but as often happens there were many unknown factors and that has fallen through. As with any opportunity we are kind of bummed just because it would have been a neat change of pace but there were lots of downsides and we are very happy where we are now. So we are staying in Newark for the foreseeable future.

Now we can really put forth some effort furnishing our apartment and getting it to be a place where we are really going to live. It will mean that we get to continue using the house in Geneseo on a semi-regular basis. Our plan, currently for what that is worth, is to keep moving forward with finishing the house in Geneseo.

We finally got our apartment deposit back from our place in North Brunswick today. Boy this stuff takes forever. At least that is one less thing that I need to worry about. I hate having to follow up to make sure that people are giving you your money back.

Last night when I got home from work Dominica wanted to go out shopping in West Orange so I picked her up and we did some driving around trying to find a new way to get our to West Orange. That ended up just getting us lost.

We finally got out to the shopping center and we know how to get there easily now. We grabbed dinner at Desert Moon Cafe which we didn’t realize was a national chain. They now have tofu on their menu and we were really happy with the food there. It was very tasty. We will be going back there now that we know that they are just ten minutes away and that they have new menu items that we really like.

After dinner we hit Macy’s really quickly to get the stuff that Dominica had wanted to go shopping for. That only took a few minutes. Then we hit Stone Cold Creamery for dessert but we were pretty full and couldn’t eat much which was sad because the ice cream sounded so good.

We came home and decided that it needed to be a very early night and we went pretty much right to bed. Boy are we ever getting old! I thought about playing some Lunar Legend before actually falling asleep but before I could actually play it – I was asleep.

I ended up working from home for quite a while this morning. I was planning on escaping Newark on the early side but I got caught doing one thing or another and didn’t actually manage to leave Newark until almost eleven. That works out well though because it ends up making the day seem to fly by.

I am really glad that today is Friday. I am looking forward to a nice “relaxing” weekend at home. We don’t get those often enough. Dominica has a lot of homework and studying to do this weekend so we will just be home doing that most of the weekend. She is coming into the second half of her Java class and so that is getting much harder. And she has only six weeks left to finish her A+ before they introduce a new A+ test and she has to start over again which would be awful.

We had a fire “drill” this afternoon. Apparently it was announced but through a channel where no one was aware of it and I am pretty sure that only a small number of people were told. So I had no jacket and had to stand around outside for a while without one. It was a little chilly.

Here is a story proving that everything that you think about Newark is a Bunch of Bull.

I left work just a little after five and drove in heavy traffic and beat Dominica and Oreo home by quite a bit. When they got home we decided to order from Domino’s and to just spend the evening relaxing at home. We have to be up early in the morning to go bookshelf shopping so we don’t want to stay up too late.

We popped in Date Movie which was one of the many movies that we had picked up while having been down in Maryland this past weekend. In addition to Date Movie we also picked up copies of Benchwarmers, Just Friends, Scorched, Wedding Crashers, The New World, Lord of War and Ladies in Lavender with Judi Dench. It didn’t take long before we realized that Date Movie was completely unwatchable and turned it off and watched Benchwarmers instead.

The Benchwarmers was significantly better and a halfway decent movie on its own. Silly and dumb but it had some good people and was cute. Then it was off to bed to play some video games. Oreo had another surprise birthday party today at daycare and is totally exhausted. This was his first five day daycare week, he had two parties and he had a long weekend of playing with buddy leading into the week so he is the most tired Oreo that there has ever been!

I posted some really cute pics of Oreo in his Yoda costume onto Flickr. He is so adorable in his costume and he loves wearing it.

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