November 2, 2006: Internet Television Day

Joey’s Scribble Blog had a cute Windows vs. Linux article this morning that I found entertaining. So here it is.

Dad sent me a link to this weird drawing game thing called Line Rider.

Last night was a short night. I got home and both Dominica and I had decided that we kind of wanted to eat at IHOP so I picked up Min who was waiting at the door and we were off to IHOP. Dinner was good. We got home and pretty much it was straight to bed for us.

I was up early this morning – before half past five. I got ready for work and left a little bit before Dominica did. It turns out that it was a good morning to be up and moving early. I got to the office and was inundated with work and was completely swamped all morning. I didn’t get a chance to catch my breath until after noon.

I did bring a stack of magazines and newspapers to work today to get caught up. Whenever I see dad he always has a huge stack of mail for me that always includes a huge number of magazines that I need to get through. Over the past two days I have made it through four or five issues each of InfoWorld and eWeek, CIOInsight, Optimize, Baseline, among others. I really do get backed up.

I have recently discovered that due to something beyond my control that Rocketboom now works from my office. How did this happen? I have no idea. But, yay! So today I decided to do what I could to get caught up on old Rocketboom episodes.

My after lunch slash early afternoon period got pretty slow and I got to search around for new and exciting Internet television programs. Amanda Congdon made famous by being the original host of Rocketboom is now wrapping up a cool show that she did called Amanda Across America which you should definitely check out.

I am also excited to report that Homestar Runner is no longer only available in the annoying flash format but is now available as a downloadable Internet television show. That is so much better than the way that it used to be. Andy will definitely appreciate that.

Dad said that the work on his barn roof is done today and just in time. Minutes after completing the roof it began to snow and they got two inches of snow this afternoon. That is really amazing to us here where it is Indian Summer and really warm the past couple of days. Dominica and I have been running the air conditioning at night because it has been so warm!

Epson is expected to have a 1080p projector available in Japan in December. We can only imagine that this will be being made available to the rest of the world shortly thereafter. That is very exciting. Finally a way to watch 1080p BluRay Discs at a full 1080p at full size. I can’t wait to have THAT in the theatre!

Dominica ordered our new hall table yesterday and we hope to have that soon. Our plan is to go to IKEA on Saturday morning to pick up the new bookshelf that we want. They have a really nice, large bookshelf that is available with additional extensions that go on top allowing you to make it really tall and able to hold a ton of books which we really need. Since we have little floor space but eleven foot ceilings that should be perfect for us. It will probably quadruple our total shelf space in the apartment.

Susan is coming to visit us next week. She and Zach just moved to Baltimore a couple of months back but she has just found out that she has a position with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra! She called a few weeks ago to find out where we were living and if we were anywhere in the vicinity of where the orchestra plays. As luck would have it, we are living right across the park from their home at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. When we walk Oreo in Military Park we go right past NJPAC. We can see it from our building. We is less than a five minute walk from our building to the performing arts center. We were planning on getting season tickets to attend the symphony which works out even better. So Susan is coming up next week to stay with us for a few days. Now, with the exception of our families, only Josh and Susan will have ever come to New Jersey to visit us.

Dominica wanted to go to Macy’s tonight to do some shopping and then we are going to get some dinner. I wrapped up around six this evening so it wasn’t too late. Only one more day and no traveling this weekend. Just some shopping.

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