October 28, 2006: A Day on the Magothy

The drive down to Maryland last night was pretty crappy. Traffic was really heavy even as we left Newark and it started to rain before we had even pulled away from the curb at our building. Every time that I have had to drive anywhere for the past eight months it has been raining. It is driving me crazy.

We were in slow moving bumper to bumper traffic for hours. All the way through New Jersey it was awful. It wasn’t until we were in Delaware that we were able to get up any speed and traffic was still terrible there. The highway was moving so slowly that we decided that it had to be faster to take the shorter “local” router down Maryland’s Rt 301. That worked out well at route 301 was actually moving faster than the highway way.

As always driving the 330 my sciatica was horrible by the third hour or so of the drive. The pain is extreme and I can barely keep driving. The seat in the BMW hits me in just such a way that nothing I do makes it stop. Dominica was going to take over driving but she got a shoulder cramp just as I needed her to take over and I ended up having to drive the whole way.

It was late but not too late when we pulled into Stonington in Arnold, MD. Michelle and Frankie had all ready gone to bed but John was up waiting for us with Buddy their three year old pug that we had not yet met. The three of us stayed up for several hours just hanging out in the living room while Oreo and Buddy played. Oreo ended up peeing all over the place trying to establish dominance. What a pain!

It was almost two in the morning by the time we headed up to the guest quarters to get some sleep. This is our first time getting to stay in the guest suite at the Nicklins’ because last time the house was full from the Christmas party and we were the last to arrive and didn’t get dibs. This year we have made our reservations for the Christmas party well in advance and will be getting the guest suite. That is the weekend of December 9th. We will be in Maryland for that entire weekend.

John got us up at a little after seven this morning so that we could help him take his Corvette into the shop. Dominica wasn’t going to go with us but Michelle and her sister had gone to a fashion show and Dominica was going to be alone with the dogs until we got back and we were going to get breakfast so she decided to come along. Good thing that she did because the Corvette shop was in Gaithersburg, MD over fifty miles away to the northwest of Washington. That was well over two hours of total driving. We left Arnold around eight and got breakfast at the Annapolis Double T Diner on the way back and got back to the house after noon.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out in Arnold. It was nice to get a chance to just visit and relax. Michelle cooked us dinner and John and I ran out and did a little shopping at Blockbuster like we often do when we are down there.

It was well after one in the morning when we got to bed. I have only had a few hours of sleep every day for the past several days and I am really exhausted.

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