October 29, 2006

I was so exhausted that I ended up sleeping in until about ten o’clock this morning! Boy did I ever need that. I felt much better after getting an extreme night’s sleep. Oreo really appreciated the rest as well. He had doggie daycare all week and now his normal restful weekend is being spent with a small pug with loads of energy and no idea of when to take a break so Oreo is getting more and more tired.

We all just hung out at the house in Arnold for several hours before loading up the car and driving back up to Newark. The drive was much better tonight. It wasn’t raining and traffic was much lighter. It only took us four hours to get home.

This morning there was a wind storm in Geneseo and a tree came down cutting power to the SGL datacenter there. When power was restored SGL did not come back online. Dad tried some stuff today but was unsuccessful at bringing the server back up.

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