October 31, 2006: Spending Grandma’s Birthday at the Omega

Today would have been my grandmother’s 91st birthday. Today worked out to be a really good day for me to spend in Geneseo so that dad and I could hang out today. He has been busy working on the barn roof for the past week but today they are taking off.

Now that we have more or less decided that we are going to keep the house in Geneseo it is nicer coming back and knowing that it is ours and that we can decorate again and do what we want to do with it. We don’t have to worry about having it “ready to sell” anymore (it goes off the market in forty eight hours) and we can start storing stuff in it again and making it a nice place to use from time to time. I brought back my HP d325 desktop (the older 32bit machine that I still have) to set up and use as the house computer so that there is always something there to work with (there was a Mac there but that is just silly.)

I was up at seven this morning – yes after just three hours of sleep. I set up the laptop in the office and got logged in to work and made sure that everything was good. Then I called dad and scheduled breakfast.

Dad picked me up from the house at a quarter past eight and we went over to the Omega Grill for breakfast. It has been seven or eight months since I have been able to eat over there during the week and I haven’t seen the weekday crew in forever. Dad and I ended up hanging out until after eleven! (For those who aren’t local and haven’t been keeping tabs – Min and my Disney pictures are still hanging on the wall.)

After breakfast I went back home and worked for a few hours. There is always plenty to do whenever I am in Geneseo. I really wish that I had two weeks solid at home just to relax and to take care of things around the house. But that sure isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Dad came back over with a full load of stuff from Peoria Heights including several servers, my cameras, etc. We went back over to the Omega and got a late lunch. It was after three by the time I was back home.

I packed up the car. There is a ton of stuff to bring with me back down to Newark. I have plenty of equipment to work on and now I have my cameras to play with so you will be getting lots of new pictures very soon. The new Kodak little tiny camera has arrived as well and I plan to be using that for the video blog as early as tomorrow. It is really cool. I can’t believe how small it is. I think that I am going to enjoy using this camera a lot more than the old one. It is way more attractive at the very least.

I also packed up our Scandanavian “moon chair” that we have been using in the theatre in Geneseo. We need someplace comfortable to sit in Newark. It was about half past five when I finally managed to get onto the road heading south. Later than I had wanted but not by too much.

The drive went well and it took me a bit less than five hours to get down to Newark. I stopped at a McDonalds in New Jersey for some dinner pretty late in the night. I listened to “Mayflower” for the whole drive. I am a good chunk through that book now.

It was ten thirty when I arrived at the apartment and Dominica was waiting at the front with the luggage cart. We quickly loaded it up and got unpacked and went to bed. I was very tired.

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