October 30, 2006: Still No SGL Today

SGL is still down today. This is our longest outage in as long as I can remember. Sorry that everyone can’t get in to check out all of the SGL awesomeness these last few days. I know that it makes for a long weekend. 🙂

I had a busy morning this morning and didn’t end up actually driving into the office until around one in the afternoon! I worked until almost seven though and I worked from home all morning so it wasn’t like I didn’t get anything done.

Dad went over to the house in Geneseo and did some more work attempting to get the SGL server back online. He called me at the office and gave me as much detail as he could about what was wrong but it turned out to be pretty major. We kicked around some ideas for getting it fixed including having him pack up the equipment and shipping it to me in Newark but the final decision was that I would just drive back to Geneseo after work tonight to deal with it myself.

I left work a little before seven and ran east out to Newark so that I could get supplies and a car load of stuff to go to Geneseo. Had I known that I was going to go to Geneseo tonight it would have saved at least an hour of driving.

Dominica got home and packed up as much as she could for me. Then she ran over to Food for Life and grabbed us some dinner. I pulled down Commerce Drive just in time to pick her up with the food. We ate and packed the car as quickly as possible and then I headed up US 280 to get up to New York.

The drive took five hours and it was around one in the morning when I arrived in Geneseo. I unpacked just what I absolutely needed for the night and then headed to the server room to work. I worked for three hours and finally SGL was back online. I have no idea how it happened but one of the drive enclosures on our main data storage array had shorted out and was sending garbage back to the RAID controller. Somewhat difficult to troubleshoot. But at least I managed to go to bed knowing that everything was up and running again. That is the worst – having to get sleep knowing that things are down and that in the morning you HAVE to get it working.

Dad is planning on coming over to meet me for breakfast in the morning at the Omega.

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