SGL Podcast Episode 53 – Sony PS3 Soon, Channel Frederator, International Listeners and more!

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In this, the fifty-third Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast I talk about Internet Television shows like Homestar Runner and the Channel Frederator. Dominica and I have been visiting the gym a bit recently. The show is recorded during a tornado warning with some pretty heavy wind outside. And the Sony Playstation 3 is due out tonight at midnight.

We are very excited to give shoutouts to our newly discovered listeners in such exotic locales such as China, Sweden, Colorado and Kentucky!

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(206) 984-4582 This number is no longer working. Apparently it has been too long since anyone called it and we got disconnected. I will investigate and get a way for doing audio comments soon.

New music by:

Les Bigos – Patra
Greg Tannen – Coney Island, Mid July
David Ippolito – Tom Cruise Scares Me

P.S. Tom Cruise actually does scare me. That guy is creepy.

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