Vloging with the New Camera

Today’s Vlog is the very first using the new Kodak v530 camera. I vlog as I drive from Newark to Warren, NJ. The episode is about nine and a half minutes long and you get a chance to see a rather long stretch of US 78 westbound with the autumn leaves changing. This is the first SGL Vlog episode shot in thirty frames per second and the first using 640×480 screen resolution (similar to the output of a progressive scan DVD player also known as Enhanced Definition TV or EDTV.) So compared to earlier vlog entries this one is huge. Be prepared to wait a while for this download.

Download the QuickTime Movie: Scott Driving to Warren with the New Camera

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SDTV – 480i, 480 interlaced lines in 4:3 format.
EDTV – 480p, 480 true lines in 4:3 format.
HDTV – 1080i, 1080 interlaced lines in 16:9 format.

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