A Video Tour of Newark

Download the 320×240 Xvid Version – 105MB
Download the 720×480 Xvid Version – 326MB

Dominica and I decided to take a Saturday and just drive around the city of Newark showing off the area in which we live. The video starts with a cruise down Raymond Boulevard from University Heights to Military Park. Then we drive up Broad starting from NJPAC. Any tour of the new Newark wouldn’t be complete without riding on the new Light Rail/Trolley from NJPAC Station to Broad Street Station and back. Finally a stroll through Military Park.

This is my first semi-serious video project and I spent most of my time figure out how everything was going to work and go together. This is extremely rough but, I think, enjoyable. 14 minutes. Narrated by Scott Alan Miller.

If you have problems viewing the Xvid file, you can download the codec for free from xvid.org. Xvid is a free, high quality implementation of the Divx format – one of the MPEG4 family of codecs which also includes WMVHD and QuickTime. Xvid is often considered to be the highest quality compression of all of these formats. Xvid is one of the preferred formats of YouTube and is the optimum choice for playback on the Creative Zen Vision M and W portable video players.

The 320×240 Xvid version of the video is perfect for small but high quality downloads and for playback on the Creative Vision M and Creative Vision W portable media players.

The 720×480 Xvid version of the video is the “ultimate edition” closest to the original uncompressed version and is best for playback on a computer monitor or on a television.

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