December 12, 2006

Yesterday was so relaxing that I feel really good today. Not as good as Dominica likely feels now that her Java class is finally over but I definitely feel some relief from that as well.

The weather is good again today. So warm that we haven’t needed jackets since Saturday night! Hard to believe that it is mid-December and that Christmas is right around the corner.

Work was unbelievably slow today. Even slower than yesterday. No complaints here. Lots more Flickr updates and changes. I am getting scores of views on my Flickr site every day and more with every batch of labels and captions. I hope to be done soon now that I am getting plenty of time to work on it every day.

Dominica forgot to tell me but tonight was her company Christmas party so she didn’t come home until quite late. I got to leave work just after five and came straight home and took myself to Food for Life for some dinner. It was good but lonely. No Dominica and no Oreo until late.

I took advantage of having the place to myself to work on my Video Tour of Newark that has been in the works for several weeks now. I haven’t been able to work on it because of Dominica’s Java class but now that that is over and that she is gone for the evening I took the opportunity to wrap it up. I am hoping to have it posted by tomorrow if at all possible. I know that people have been waiting for it. It is my first video really showing much of anything in Newark and it is the first video that I have done any editing at all with. It is a pretty poor job editing but I didn’t have a lot to work with so don’t look at is as an example of the best work that I could possibly do. I am pretty new to the whole video editing thing and have a lot of techniques to learn and skills to hone. Is that how you spell hone?

I also took some time to scour the Zencast listings from Creative to see if there were any good Internet television shows to check out. Zencast is a service much like iTunes but designed to sync with the Creative Zen players like Min’s Creative Zen Vision M. So I subscribed to a number of vodcasts to see what was out there.

Dominica got home pretty late and we just hung out for about an hour and headed for bed. The video got finished but will take some time before I can get it posted for you. Hopefully you will be able to see it by tomorrow. The tiny 320×240 XVID version is just over 100MB!

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