December 16, 2006: King’s Quest is Back

I got to bed between three and four in the morning last night and was up and back to work on the server just a little before ten this morning. Not a lot of sleep but not bad.

I got up and immediately got back to work working on the servers getting them ready to go to Scranton. I worked on the SUSE 10.2 box pretty much all day. It took several hours before I finally had it installed. I ran into all kinds of problems and had to do a couple of full installs but I finally got it working and have a really cool 10.2 box now. I am excited to get to start actually using it very soon.

There was very little going on today other than server work and all on a single server. For dinner Dominica and I drove back up to Parsipanny and ate at the vegetarian Indian restaurant that we discovered there on Wednesday. It was not a buffet tonight but the food was very good and we are very happy that we found this place although we still prefer the dosa from Tanjore and really want to get back down there sometime soon.

We did hit CompUSA on the way home so that I could pick up a SATA cable for Dominica’s computer as we have not been able to put in her new hard drive for several days since it didn’t come with a SATA cable and for some reason I don’t have any spares sitting around the apartment. Millions of cables but no SATA cables. It figures.

While we were at CompUSA I discovered that Sierra has decided to re-release a number of their most classic game titles in inexpensive packs that have been updated to work on Windows 2000 and XP! I am very excited. At CompUSA we found the King’s Quest Collection which of course we had to buy even though I all ready own them all. (It is only King’s Quest I-VII, KQ VIII is, I guess, so bad that it is not considered to be canonical.) I went onto Amazon and discovered that other classic series are available including Space Quest (which I have to order!), Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. The only thing that is obviously missing is the Quest for Glory series. I really hope that Sierra brings that one out. If you are into classic adventure gaming you will have to check these out.

We turned in early. I finished watching Dead and Breakfast on Dominica’s Vision M. That turned out to be a pretty funny movie taking after classic Romero zombie flicks but with a Texan flair. Worth checking out for horror movie fans.

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