December 17, 2006: Driving to and from Scranton

This morning I wrapped up all of the work on both servers that I have been working on all weekend. It is really nice to have them done and ready to go. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get them ready in time and that things would get pushed off again.

I was up working around half past eight this morning. Dominica slept until almost ten thirty. At nine this morning Andy went over to Marketplace Mall in Rochester to see if he could pick up a Nintendo Wii for us but when he got there he discovered that a lot of people had the same idea and all of the Wiis that they had were gone before he even had a chance to get close. Oh well. No Wii for us until after Christmas this year.

Around one this afternoon the datacentre contacted me and said that we could head straight there to drop off the servers. Dominica decided that she and Oreo would come along for the ride since otherwise we would hardly see each other today. So we loaded the car and left for Scranton around two o’clock.

We made good time and were at the data centre in time to unload, take a quick tour, get back in the car and make it back to the expressway by four! Not too shabby. We drove back down to US 80 and stopped at the Tandoor Palace at Exit 299 for some dinner. The food was excellent but it took a really long time. It ended up eating a lot of our evening but at least we really enjoyed our meals.

We came home and I got to work installing the half terabyte drive into Dominica’s computer. That took hardly any time at all. That will make her computer a ton more usable in the future. Space has been such an issue for her. Of course installing it was the small part. The real time waster was formatting the thing. That took a few hours.

Dominica and Oreo went to bed around ten and I decided to head down to the health club and see about sneaking in a work out. The rumor is (by rumor I mean official announcement printed and and slipped under our doors) that the locker rooms, steam rooms and saunas are done and that we were able to start using them a day or two ago. I am very excited to try out the steam room.

I put in a short forty minute workout and hit the locker room. Note: locker room. Singular. Apparently we have a single unisex locker room. There is a spot where I can only assume there is supposed to be a second locker room but if they call this finished I think the building inspector will want to have a conversation with them. The only part of the area that could even sort of be called done is the drywall. No floor yet, no doors, no lockers. All of the construction equipment is just piled in the middle of the room. It is totally unsafe for people to be walking around in there. Toilets are sitting on the floor next to where they will eventually go. I think their idea of “done” is a bit different than ours. This is two days after this locker room was “done”! I really should have taken some pictures to illustrate just how far from done they are. It looks as though they just walked into a blank space and started to set up shop and hadn’t actually started much yet.

I asked the concierge about the locker rooms, steam rooms, etc. I was told that the locker room labels were scheduled for tomorrow (um, labeled “unisex” and “do not enter”?) But that they had no idea what the “done” was supposed to mean or how we were expected to use coed showers, sauna, steam room, etc. Or if they really were coed or not. All they knew was that all of the residents of 1180 Raymond had received official notice that everything was complete and ready to use and that everyone was confused and asking what they were supposed to do.

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