December 19, 2006

Less than a week until Christmas. Time is running out.

I got right up and headed right into the office this morning. I was in just after nine which is quite early for me. I talked to Scranton this morning and the new servers were racked and powered up this morning too so I will be able to play with them this evening.

This morning we found out as a surprise from our building that they are beginning to run a shuttle, as of tonight, in the evening hours to make getting around Newark easier for us! How cool is that? Quite the surprise. We had no idea that they were going to add a feature like this. Awesome. I am sure that some of the impetus for the decision is the incredible congestion that occurs in front of the building and having a shuttle should eliminate a percentage of the valet traffic going on but since they are not running the shuttle during peak commuting hours it will only affect that so much. Just one more reason to like at 1180!

First thing this morning at work I managed to finish reading “Joel on Software”. I only started reading it on Saturday and forgot to take it home with me last night so I am pretty happy with that progress. I also finished a magazine or two.

I brought Dominica’s “Head First: Java” book with me today. I decided that I might as well take the opportunity to really immerse myself in some programming. It is the perfect timing for it.

Today I stumbled on a blog by a local blogger in Newark who seems to frequent the same places that I do so I am wondering if I am going to run into him at some point. He has a lot of pictures of 1180 Raymond Blvd. taken from Military Park in Newark and he went to the same art exhibit at 744 Broad St. that Susan and I went to a few weeks ago and he took some pictures.

The ferry is finally leaving Rochester. In just two days the incredible blight on the city of Rochester will depart for its final voyage on the Genesee River (or so we hope) as it heads to one of my all time favourite destinations: Halifax.

I didn’t end up leaving work until well after six. I just got caught up talking to people. I got home just fifteen minutes before our Dominos pizza arrived. We ate dinner and watched Different Stroked. Dominica had some final work to do for her Java class and so she worked on that.

My new proxy server in Scranton was up and running tonight so I was able to do some work on that. I am really impressed with how well that works.

We went to bed on the early side but I stayed up and watched Elf in bed. That is a pretty good movie. I am a big fan of Zooey Deschanel who is a great actress (Almost Famous, Big Trouble, Failure to Launch, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy etc.) and a really amazing singer. She does her own singing in the Elf and her rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” during the credits is worth hanging around for.

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