December 20, 2006: It’s a Doggie Daycare Christmas Party Day

Christmas is almost upon us. Boy this season creeps up awfully quickly. Today is Oreo’s Christmas Party at daycare. He is very excited. Daycare parties are his favourite. He gets so excited about them. He was dressed up in his mistletoe t-shirt this morning before heading out for his party.

I got into work mid-morning. Another terribly boring day. I made great progress on the books that I am reading at the office. I am working my way through the very, very long “Head Start Java” and the much shorter “Ship It!” from The Pragmatic Progammers. I want to get “Ship It!” read before the companion tome “Release It!” releases in January.

I went out for Italian at lunch today. It was good but I felt bloated the rest of the day.

I left work on the early side today, just a little after five, and came straight home and spent most of the evening working with the Scranton Data Center getting everything set up and working. That ended up taking way too much time.

For dinner Dominica and I ran over to Food for Life and ate there. I haven’t been there in at least a week! They are going to start to think that I forgot about them or something.

After dinner it was back home to continue working with Scranton while Dominica worked on studying her A+. Only a few weeks left before she isn’t able to take the test anymore. She is in a bit of a panic.

After everything else was completed was watched a few episodes of Diff’rent Strokes. It is truly amazing that that show was able to stay on the air.

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