December 24, 2006: Christmas Eve

Dominica and I started the day by sleeping in a little. No big plans this morning so we had lots of time to relax and enjoy our house in Geneseo.

Dad came over to Geneseo after church and we all went out to the Omega and hung out there for a while. After lunch we all went over to dad’s house for the afternoon and exchanged presents. No real surprises this year except that Dominica got me a really nice scarf and the complete Gummy Bears on DVD! I am very excited about that. I loved that cartoon back in the 1980’s. That was all time favourite Saturday morning cartoon. One of the few that was produced like a movie and not like a low budget kids’ show. The quality really showed. My big present from Dominica is the Creative Zen Vision W with the 4.3″ 480×272 screen. She got me the 60GB model that can store close to 100 movies!! I am very excited to get to try it out.

We ended up hanging out at dad’s house a lot longer than we had been anticipating. Our original plan was to only be there until five and then to go back to Geneseo, pack and get ready to travel and then to meet the family at church. But we ended up staying right up until it was time to go to church and then we went down to Leicester to the Christmas Eve service.

After the candlelight service at the church in Leicester we rushed to Geneseo and packed the car as quickly as we could.  It took just a little under an hour to drive to Geneseo and get ready to go and be off again.

The drive to Frankfort went well and took barely over two hours!  Not bad at all.  Everyone was still awake when we arrived and the Christmas present process was just beginning.

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