December 25, 2006: Christmas!

Christmas 2006 has arrived.  Dominica and I were understandably quite tired when this morning rolled around.  As every year, we were all up at nine and the race to open presents was on.  Actually today the present opening was not nearly as crazy as it has been on many occasions.  We ended up only taking about four and a half hours instead of the usual five to six hours.

Dominica and my big presents include money towards a Nintendo Wii and bar stools for our living room, Superman Returns on DVD, Charmed Season One on DVD (for Dominica, not for me,) lots of work clothes, a gym bag for when I work out at the apartment, Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy V for the GBA and lots of other stuff.
After the present opening it was time to go to Dominica’s grandfather’s home for the evening Christmas festivities.  I have learned the routine and know pretty much what to expect from Christmas in Frankfort these days.

Merry Christmas everyone from everyone at Sheep Guarding Llama and SGL Media!

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