December 27, 2006: Still Sick and Traveling

I slept as much as I could last night being so sick which wasn’t much and I spent the entire day today either laying on the futon in the dining room and sitting on the couch in the living room.  I slowly recovered throughout the day but was in pretty bad shape all day long.  I didn’t see any real improvement until in the middle of the afternoon Oreo came out and laid next to me on the futon and we both fell asleep for two hours or so and that really helped.  Boston Terriers make everything better.

I have to be in the office tomorrow and I am not about to call in sick so I have to drive to Newark this evening.  That is not something that I am looking forward to.

I left Frankfort around six in the evening and got to Newark a little after ten.  Not too bad of a drive although I was pretty worried the whole time.  I was able to grab a small meal from McDonald’s on the way and was able to eat it which was good.  I must be improving a lot.  This was the first meal that I have kept down since a tiny breakfast yesterday.  My last realy meal of any size was Christmas dinner two days ago in the middle of the afternoon!

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