December 28, 2006: Back at Work with a Migraine

Wired News decided to celebrate the coming new year with the 2006 Foot in Mouth awards. Well worth reading. And definitely worth the opening quote when our nation’s leader shows off his complete and utter lack of literacy. And if that isn’t bad enough, keep reading. The chair of the senate committee attempting to regulate the Internet shows, quite clearly, a total lack of understanding for the very technology he is tasked with regulating. If this is the caliber of US politicians, no wonder we are losing the intellectual arms race. Neither of these two would be able to make it out of a New York state high school with their levels of education. Luckily for them they came from backwater states and attended, obviously, the “my daddy is rich and bought be a degree” colleges – the Ivy League has become well known as the haven for the illiterate rich to buy their way out of doing any actual learning.

I didn’t go into the office until almost eleven this morning. I slept in late but felt quite a bit better after spending the entire day yesterday recovering from food poisoning. Today, though, I have a migraine that I expect is brought on through a combination of dehydration and a lack of protein. I have been drinking tons but I have a lot to make up for from the last two days.

Work was slow today which was good as I was pretty much unable to get anything done. My head hurt pretty bad for most of the day.

Dominica and I found out today that someone is very seriously looking at our house in Geneseo. It is going to be a tough decision for us as to whether to stay or not. We love our “apartment” in Geneseo. Going there always feels like going home. Giving up a home is a really tough thing to do. But we can’t hold on to the house in Geneseo forever just because we don’t want to give it up. That isn’t practical in the long run. Geneseo has become a rather impractical location to keep a house. It was perfect when we bought it but now, even though we believe that we do need to maintain a “base of operations” for ourselves, it is in a very cumbersome location far from the train and airport and not close to any potential work opportunities. If we sell the house in Geneseo we could turn right around in this good buyer’s market and attempt to get a nice, new condo in Buffalo which is likely to be vastly more valuable to us in the long run. We need property that we can rent right now. Not property that sits empty all of the time. And a townhouse is not very practical for us. A condo would be much better.

I was totally useless at work today and left on the early side so I could get home and get some rest.  Nothing much to report.  I watched some Different Strokes and did pretty much nothing all evening.  I ordered in some pizza from Dominos and hung out with the front desk for a little while.  Then it was off to sleep again.

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