December 3, 2006: Moving Susan

Today is Susan’s moving day. Susan was up early as Zach was able to get the truck packed early last night and left Baltimore around half past six this morning and was making good time on his way to Newark.

Dominica and I slept in a little longer but got up at a reasonable time considering it is the weekend and headed over to Harrison a little while after Zach called to let Susan know that he was all ready there at the apartment.

It was probably around ten by the time Dominica and I got over to Harrison to help out with Susan’s move. Zach had driven a large, maybe twenty-three foot, box truck up from Baltimore. I hate driving big trucks. I am so glad that I didn’t have to drive that thing.

When Dominica and I arrived Ryan Cloud had just gotten there via the PATH train and they were just getting started with the move. It was pretty much perfect timing. The hardest part of the move was that the apartment is located several flights of stairs above street level and everything that went in had to be carried up a lot of stairs around many corners. Boy did we get sore quickly.

We got seventy-five percent of the truck emptied when Zach’s friend Brian arrived from Manhattan and helped out with the last bit. It is a good thing that he made it because I was wearing out quickly. There were a number of large furniture items in the very back of the truck so he still had plenty of work to do even though the truck was mostly empty. All in all the move went pretty quickly and about as smoothly as possible.

After the move the four of us guys drove out to Broadway in North Newark to drop off the U-Haul truck. Then we headed back to Harrison and stopped by an Italian place just up the street and picked up a late lunch for everyone. The pizza from there was really excellent.

We got back to the apartment and while we were out the girls had started unpacking and the cable guy from Comcast had all ready come and had the cable service hooked up and working. Perfect timing all around.

After eating Dominica and I returned home and spent the afternoon relaxing at the apartment and hanging out with Oreo. Dominica had a lot of class work that she had to work on so she spent the majority of the evening working on that. I have Pinnacle’s Studio 10 a fresh run with a completely new install and I managed to get it to work this time so it looks like I am going to be able to go with Pinnacle instead of Ulead for my video editing. The price is close enough that that isn’t a factor. Really the biggest factor is that dad uses Pinnacle and it would be really helpful if we were able to help each other with it instead of each using different packages. I am not totally convinced that I like Pinnacle better than Ulead. It is more polished from the interface standpoint and would appear to have more options but I like a lot of the simplicity and “it just works” from Ulead too.

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