December 4, 2006: Sore

The word of the day is sore. Everything is sore today. All of the stair climbing yesterday really did a number on me. Nothing damaging. Just muscle soreness but whoa.

I was on the late side heading into the office and grabbed some Subway on my way in for lunch.

I managed to get mad amounts of Flickr images titles and captioned today. I am really on a roll with that. I am really happy with the progress that I have been able to make. I hope to have them all done in a week or so. Once they are all labeled they will be a lot more useful for everyone. And it will make adding new images much easier.

Work was pretty slow today. The calm before the storm, I think.

After work I had to run out to Union, New Jersey to get fitted for my dinner jacket and trousers from Men’s Warehouse. I have to be back on Thursday night to pick them up. Just barely in time for the party. They probably came in last week but the store forgot that they needed to call me when they arrived and the sales person that I was working at is at a different store so no one was assigned to deal with it, I guess. So now everything is a panic even though we started off with plenty of time.

As soon as I got home, which was right behind Dominica, we took Oreo up to the apartment and noticed that he was limping pretty bad. He has had a lot of issues in the past so we were really worried about it. We are hoping that it is just his knee being stiff.

We ran over to Subway (again today) and grabbed a quick dinner. Then we just hung out in the apartment and Dominica worked on her class work before we went to bed.

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