December 30, 2006: Back to Geneseo

Lots to do in Geneseo and so this morning Dominica and I have to return from Frankfort to Geneseo. Another three hours of driving and this time in our first real snow driving of the year. It was blowing snow for a bit of the journey. Ugh.

Before leaving Frankfort this morning we found out that it is very likely that our price on the house is going to be met and that we are going to sell the Geneseo house. It is kind of unreal that it is actually happening. We had just settled into the idea that the house in Geneseo was going to stay ours for a really long time and that we were not going to have to worry about selling it. We were just beginning to move stuff back into the house! We are meeting with our realtor tomorrow to get as much done as possible.

We left Frankfort around eleven and made very bad time heading west as the snow really was pretty bad considering we are still driving on our summer tires since New Jersey hasn’t seen a flake yet. When we were just a little past Waterlou we saw a small Honda Civic go shooting directly across the highway between some trucks and go flying up the embankment on the side of the road just a few cars in front of us. I couldn’t believe that they were not killed as they looked to be directly in front of a tractor trailer when it happened. They managed to cross the entire expressway without killing themselves. We were the first people who were able to see the accident and pull over so we went to make sure that they were okay. Everyone was fine and the car saw much less damage than expected and the DOT and police were there in no time and made sure that everyone was okay so we were able to head on our way. Boy was the Lord ever watching over them though. That was quite the maneuver to have made it through. It turns out that the driver lives just a five minute walk away from us in Newark!

It was mid afternoon by the time we got to Geneseo and dad came over to meet us for a late lunch at the Omega. We hung out there and then ran to Walmart and did some quick shopping and then to the house to shower and take care of a few things before going over to hang out at dad’s house in front of the fireplace.  On the way over to dad’s we stopped at the Ralstons’ and dropped off Michael’s Christmas present that we were finally able to get.  He wasn’t around when we got there which is actually good so that his parents have time to charge it before he gets home.

It was close to six by the time we finally got over to dad’s house and we stayed there until almost midnight.  We ordered pizza from Davis’ Farm Market in Pavilion.  Getting their pizza is always a little reminer of my childhood.  Pavilion is a town that I went to a lot when I was young but have only driven through since then.  Not much of a destination.  Strange to think of all of the kids who go to school there and the people who live along its quiet streets.

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