December 29, 2006: Back to New York

My life has involved an insane amount of driving since somewhere around 1999 and even before then I was doing quite a bit.  Whether it was back and forth to Michigan every several weeks, surprise trips to Chicago or Maine or whatever, I have always been up for a road trip.  But the last seven years seem to have really turned my life into a non-stop trip north and south along the US’ Eastern Seaboard that never seems to end.

I got to work today and was feeling quite a bit better than I have been but I am having really sharp paines in my stomach.  Just what I need.  At least today is a super, unbelievably slow day at the office.  At lunch time ten of us ended up going out to an Italian place around the corner from work that I have never been to before and had a four bottles of wine lunch.  We had a really good time.

The afternoon went by really quickly and by four o’clock there was almost no one left in the office.  I waited until almost five and I was out of there.  I hadn’t expected to have been able to have gotten onto the road so early and I ended up making great time up to Frankfort.  It was barely after nine when I arrived!  Not bad at all.  The trip went really easily.  I finished listening to the book “Can You Keep a Secret” by Sophie Kinsella that Dominica had left in my car some time ago.  It was a good book.  Quite enjoyable and it worked well to make the time pass on my drive down and back up this week.

I arrived in Frankfort and Oreo was so happy to see me.  Almost immediatley Dominica and I ran out and I grabbed some quick pizza at Sulley’s (which has the best cheese pizza around) and then ran to Walmart for some quick supplies before coming back to the house and watching Cars with the family.  That was a much better movie than I had been anticipating.  I thought that it was going to be pretty silly but it was actually very good.  I was very happy with it.

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