December 5, 2006

I felt much better this morning and so did Oreo. His limp was all but gone and he seemed to be in high spirits although with the temperature dropping he is burying himself deeper and deeper in the bed trying to stay warm.

I managed to swing over to Food for Life and grabbed a breakfast club before driving into the office. Tonight Dominica, Susan and I are going to see A Christmas Carol at NJPAC so I am hoping to be able to go home on the early side. The show starts at half past seven and might run pretty long.

I managed to get tons more Flickr images labeled today. This project is coming along exceedingly well. Work was exceptionally slow. The end of the year is supposed to be really busy so I think that everything gets held off until the last possible second and right now we are in the calm before the storm. Starting tomorrow I am going to be working late all week and I will be working on Saturday as well from Maryland.

I had been hoping to be able to leave work really early tonight but I got stuck a little later than I had wanted to be and didn’t get a chance to leave until around half past five. That still wasn’t too bad and I got home the same time that Dominica did. We had just enough time to run in, drop off Oreo, run to Subway for a quick dinner and walk over to NJPAC to meet Susan. Susan is treating us tonight to “A Christmas Carol” at Prudential Hall at NJPAC.

The show was awesome. I am not the biggest fan of “A Christmas Carol” but this was by far the best job that I have seen anyone do with it and I was very impressed. The venue was pretty awesome too. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to take advantage of more shows at NJPAC.

Susan wasn’t feeling well and ended up having to leave during intermission which sucks. Originally I had been thinking that I might not be able to make the show or that I might have to run out at intermission but fortunately I was able to stay and enjoy the show. I am really glad that I made it. It was a lot of fun. The show was really well done and the cast was amazing. It turns out that Dominica had never seen “A Christmas Carol” done as a play / musical before (a play with Christmas carols thrown in) so it was really neat for her to see it.

We got home and discovered that the smoke detector had been going off all night (the occasional beep of it notifying you that the battery is dead.) This, of course, terrified poor Oreo who had no way to escape the piercing scream of the smoke detector and he was shaking and scared when we got home and had had a couple of accidents. Luckily building maintenance was able to get the smoke detector fixed right away (we can’t do it ourselves since we don’t have a ladder in our little apartment) and everything is okay now. But poor Oreo 🙁

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