January 12, 2007: Shouting Out to Joe Howlett!

Dominica and I slept in until around nine thirty. It seems that every time that we are home in Geneseo I get an allergy attack or something similar and it makes it nearly impossible to sleep through the night.

Dad came over and we did breakfast at the Omega as usual. We have our routine down now pretty well. After breakfast we dropped Dominica off at the house so that she could work on packing and dad and I drove up to the city to do some banking and to give me a chance to drop off some paperwork with my attorney.

I got back to Geneseo and Dominica and I spent the afternoon doing as much packing as we could fit in. Most of Dominica’s day was spent sorting through her stuff that was in the basement storage area and I spent most of the day bringing books upstairs and logging them into a spreadsheet so that we can keep track of them. By the time that I was done today I was up to almost sixty technology books that I will either be throwing away or giving away or something. Sixty! That is dramatically more books than most people will ever buy for their profession and this is just the first day of throwing stuff out that isn’t relevant anymore. This is a lot of books that we are dealing with here.

While Dominica was going through old books she found a piece of paper in one of my mother’s fondue cook books with a shopping list written on it. When Min looked at the paper more closely she saw that it was one of my parents’ old Christmas letters that they would send out every year. We read it a little to see what year that it was from. It turned out to actually be the letter that they wrote in 1976! And of all of the things that dad has kept records of over the years he does not have a copy of this letter that he is aware of. This is quite the weekend for finding things in books.

We went over to dad’s around five thirty and got pizza from Davis’ Farm Market in Pavilion. We ate and spent the evening sitting around the living room fire place. I did take some time to attempt to get dad’s VoIP phone working. His is having the same issue that mine is (it appears to totally freeze once it fires up) and we are pretty sure that our GrandStream BudgeTone 100 models that are white are all having this issue while all of the black ones are not. Weird, I know. There was one black phone at the house and we hooked it up and got it working great immediately. That is four lines working without an issue. I think that the white phones are toast. At least we don’t have many of them.

We left dad’s house and ran over to Geneseo to meet up with Carrie Russo (the artist formerly known as Carrie Hooper from York Central School class of 1996) and Laura Farwell (York Central School class of 1999) at Denny’s. I haven’t seen Carrie since her Junior Prom (I was her date) in 1995! We hung out at Denny’s for two hours or so and caught up a bit. Carrie has been living in Connecticut until just recently and is now back in York. While we were there Joe Howlett and his girlfriend came in to Denny’s and we got a chance to meet her and to visit with them for just a little bit. Joe is done teacher at Greece Odyssey on January 26th – just ten more days of classes – when he will be beginning a leave of absence.

Dominica and I got home a little before midnight and continued doing a little work around the house before heading off to bed on the late side.

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